Exciting Prospects in Starry Shanghai Night Sky

With our close proximation with the nightlife industry around the world, it has been our pleasure to get to know some of the most thrilling places in the world. From nightclubs to thrilling theatre and performance venues, we have seen a wide range of entertainment known to man. And one city that we have yet to cover in our posts is the marvelous metropolis of Shanghai. China has always been a key market for our products because of it’s huge size and interest in investing on new technology. As many of you know, our projects have been ambitious in terms of technological achivements as well as scale for which Shanghai is yet another promesing destination. We have yet to actually penetrate the market but there have been talks and the best way to ignite the spark of innovation is to enjoy the city.

Night Scene in Shanghai

This is the city that invented monkey champagne, with hip-hop clubbing on a peak level never seen before in China. And it really never fails to surprise how many different styles of music and performance are represented there. Just like from the old times, Tokyo used to be a popular front for all the major artists that wanted to perform live in front of an exciting and new overseas audience. Many have yet to realize, but Shanghai is beginning to take this very spot as the start of the night with high end events that attract even the biggest names. With an industry that only sees huge growth we can only expect the entertainment scene get bigger and bigger over time.

By sharing our discoveries we hope that others will become more interested in the Shanghai nightlife and it’s offerings in the starry sky. Besides the obvious clubbina and big dance events that are going on, the metropolis if well famous for theatre performance from small to big stage. The obvious classics are of course the world famed Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, that was formed since the beginnings of the peoples republic. Touring all over the world, this form of classic China entertainment is best experienced by dwelling it’s birth place. Namely two theaters, of Shanghai Center Theatre and Shanghai Circus World are the two that carry most of the fame. While other venues do exist, it’s best to go after the big stage production for that once in a lifetime experience that is waiting for all tourists. Feats don’t get scarier and more perfect than this because it’s the way things have evolved and also influenced the western performing stage.

Other than theater action there is of course a wide availability of amazing restaurants that are ready to challenge the hights of your taste buds. Going out to eat in Shanghai is almost exclusively a night time event and enjoyed with a merry atmosphere. But even such a perfect night as one can have with a great food and thrilling show, is not in it’s climax before adding a traditional Chinese massage into the mix. A hugely popular past time amongst not just visitors but especially the locals, who get their whole body massages or hour long foot treatments for incredibly low prices. While there is unlimited amount of excitement to be experienced, it needs to be first hand to grasp our excitement. The city of prospects is waiting for all those who are ready to embrace the nightlife of Shanghai!


  1. Maggie says

    Thrilling post, the prospect of exploring this site on your own is a venture that I hope to take once in my lifetime. Thanks for the inspiration of course đŸ™‚

  2. Lester says

    Jet pacs really have a thing for nightlife, doesn’t it! Never been to Shanghai before but it is on my definite list of places to go to. Sounds like a great experience you had over there. Great that you shared it with us. Cheers!!

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