Jet Pacs in Chinese Performing Opera Arts

We have been contacted by a Chinese big stage production company, but we are unable to enclose the name at this time. They have kindly requested us to collaborate in China for various performing arts venues. Naturally we felt honoured as stage productions are something we have been dreaming of for quite some time. While practical uses are our main priority, obviously jet pacs are highly useful for different kinds of entertainment venues as well.

So we set out to the big capital of China, to Beijing in search for different posibilities and negotiations. But we needed to set our minds on the country and learn something about Chinese culture. We take our work very seriously, and understanding the culture setting that you are going to be engaging in is exremely important. That’s why we hooked up with a local Beijing tour guide who would show us the ropes. Obviously we will have to teach the Chinese for example how to use the jetpacs, and how to do maintenance work. For this, we are happy to have found the lovely May Tours that have been like a friend for us showing how to engage ourselves in the local business community. Everything was so different with characters that we could not read everywhere. This made us think twice before setting our foot outside.. for this, we needed an expert private tour guide.

Peking Opera Performer Huguang GuildIt has been tradition that once you set your feet on a new country, one of the first things to do is go and see something very traditional. This is to lay out the foundations for the understanding of a country and also gives you something interesting to talk about in business meatings. Not to look like an ignorant foreigner of course! We could think of no other than the art of Peking Opera as they call it. Which is an ancient old opera form that has originated form all over China and put together from the different forms here in the capital of Beijing. Also known as Beijing Opera, we heard that the most classic and tradition orientated performance would be at the Huguang Guild Hall. So before we went, we booked our Guild Hall Tickets and set out for the experience of our lives. Our minds were curious and ears wide open, which is needed in such an exotic destination with everything so new!

While we had an amazing night, the nonsurprising thought was that Chinese opera is not really suitable for jet pacs but the show was amazing. It was mostly about singing, music and coreography. While understandably it is not for everyone, it made our imagination fly to an ancient land in Beijing. Definitely worth it and made us understand a little bit more about what kind of curious culture these people come from. Interestingly thought we seemed to enjoy it more than our guide, who was originally from Shanghai. Anyway, we had a great time and we feel that we have a touch to what China is all about. Which is not just eating, although that was also something we did and enjoyed tremendously.

Obviously for finding good use for our Jetpacks in Chinese shows, we needed something bigger and a little bit more western that needed a flashy scene. This was of course, our next quest after enjoying some delicious dumplings and having a good rest at our hotel of course..!

Rich Herron

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