Lifting up Humanity

We have recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the invention of the ground braking Skywalker Jet Pack technology. Yes, it’s been an incredible ten years and jet packs have become an ordinary part of human technology. Helping out in many different aspects of life. In fact, we have been very surprised of all the different and innovative ways people have been using these jet packs!

That’s why we thought it was about time to turn a new leaf and introduce our customers some of these great inventions, and innovations. Of course, we are no longer the only ones roaming the jet pack industry which has further escalated the development of these devices. Some of us have moved on to new things already, some have stayed. Either way, it is now more than ever up to users to create the end result of this brilliant technology.

Let’s get right down to it, shall we!

Your friend and Skywalker founder,
Rich Herron

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