Metal Plating Companies Are Going Green

Many consider the metal-plating industry to be one of the leading contributors in the worsening environment. Although everyone is entitled to their opinions, there seems statistical evidence that supports this statement. Go here!

The good thing is that, in spite of the unpopularity associated with this segment of industry, a number metal plating businesses are now working on going green. To do this, they are integrating standards for a more environmentally friendly environment into their metal Plating Processes.

Numerous companies within the industry are taking the necessary measures to make the environment cleaner and more eco-friendly. It is true that these steps can be regarded as “milestones” and should be followed by others.

Following are examples of green environmental practices adopted by metal plating firms.

‘Improvement on general housekeeping’

These companies also take measures to prevent contamination by keeping all foreign objects away from the process bath. Companies have replaced traditional tanks for corrosion-resistant versions.

This helps reduce the amount of waste generated during metal plating. These additives include non-chelated processes chemicals, wetting agent and other process chemicals.

‘Equipment enhancement’

Many metal companies, committed to a greener future, continue to upgrade their plating systems and process equipment. It is possible to replace old machines by newer ones which consume less electricity or fuel. Enhancing equipment is a great way to reduce pollution and also prolong the lifespan of the machine.

‘Chemical substitution’

They also employ alternative chemicals as part of the metal-plating process. By way of example, the companies use non-cyanide plating instead of cyanide. This aims to reduce toxic wastes, which are typically produced by commonly used chemicals.

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