Skywalker Goes Acrobatics Show with Chaoyang Theatre Spectacle!

We are proud to announce that we had made a decision to team up with a certain big stage production in the city of Beijing. It was all a combination of hard work, luck and a great team on both ends that made this prospect possible. While we are still in the stages of development in using our jet pack technology on a big theatre stage in the city. We are confident and ready to announce our partner of business, which is the incredible, the amazing, the unbelievable Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show, in the proud Chinese capital.

Our meting with the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe was a mere coincidence while we were looking for shows that could be suitable with the Skywalker technology. We needed something big, so that we could have a change in making it big. Naturally we headed for the biggest there is, which is of course the prestigious Chaoyang Theatre. They are known to be the best acrobatics in the country, and well famous not just on a national but on an international level. Someone who had experience with foreigners. And that of course was the missing spice that made this all possible.

Acrobatic Show with Jetpacks

With our previous encounters with theatres, they knew little what to do with the offer. Therefore giving an element of uncertainty that we were not happy with it. We wanted to talk contracts, action and aspiration towards something that has never happened in the history of China. As we approached the Chaoyang district, we were filled with hopes and believed that this might very well be our last opportunity in Beijing.

First we simply watched the acrobatic show, and were very impressed. You could see that they had covered all traditional aspects of the performing art in every detail. You could say, that their show was perfect. As an extra spice, they had a motorcycle feat where they would ride around in a huge cage with a dozen or so motorcycles. This was great, but was lacking power. We could just feel how they wanted to make something huge as a grand final of the show, but at the same time something was missing. Perhaps they felt it too, but our best bet was that if they had realised that they needed something more. Evolution to jet packs was just a natural step in the evolution of the stage performance.

Performing Acrobat

Luckily thanks to May Tours we had no problems with the language barrier, and they also had some English speaking staff. But even without a common language, we could feel as the eyes of the manager were glowing in excitement. And that was the very look we were looking for. The people were just amazing, so kind and served us the greatest tea we have ever had in our lives. We felt proud of achieving this far, and having found a receiving end that would appreciate us.

The conversation went swiftly, and our minds were flying with imagination when thinking what different things we could do with the jet packs. Already Chaoyang Theatre had a image of “flying acrobatics”, which is the name of the show. It felt like destiny to actually make their acrobatics truly flying with our jet packs. Simply put, we could not be more thrilled about this opportunity and wanted to share the beginning of a long story with you all. How it ends, is now up to us as a team. And that’s something we have learned in China, that just like in communism everything is a group sport.

Lifting up Humanity, now with acrobatics show in China!

Skywalker Jet Packs Manager & chief,

Rich Herron


  1. Michele Merc. says

    I’m impressed at the way you told this story. This show must be a true Chinese classic indeed!


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