Storage Auctions: Make A Lot Of Money

No matter if you’re looking for a job or are currently unemployed, selling storage units at auction can be a great way to make good money and do not require a lot of work brilliant storage. This is why storage auctions are so popular: to buy low and sell high. There is no better money-making strategy than this. It is possible to make lots of money quickly with very little capital and even without any business knowledge. If you pick up your local paper, take a look at the back for any public notices. There will be many public notices about local storage companies that are preparing to auction off the contents.

You can find storage units that sell for as low as $100 and even as high as $2,000, but mini storage auctions are a great way to start making some money. You can make money with mini storage auctions for as little as $300 if you are able to figure out how. You can sell the contents for as high as five times what you paid. It’s important to do this quickly.

This is the beauty and appeal of storage unit auctions. For the simple reason that the owners have no use for them anymore, you can buy goods at very low prices. The items can be sold for half their current market value to make large profits. If you buy items at such low prices, you can easily sell them for half their current value. This will allow you to move inventory quickly and make a profit. As the cash flow becomes steady, you can purchase more storage units to build your bankroll. You can jump in by looking for the most recent listings of storage auctions near you. In the United States, there are more than 2 million square feet of storage space available. Due to non-payment, or abandonment, more units could be up for auction.

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