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What does Church Management Software do?

Software for church apps offers many optimization and efficiency features that can greatly help churches or grow faith-based communities. Keep in mind, however, that your church will grow and require you to manage the increasing number of tasks and procedures necessary to run it efficiently.

Platform geared towards the church

Features are created specifically for churches. Business software won’t work because of the unique nature and goals of church activities.

Management dashboard

The comprehensive dashboard provides a central solution for all your church information. No more need to search through multiple applications, storage systems, or systems for information and data. You can instead have the convenience of one central database, even if it’s cloud-based, that you can access easily.

Statistics and reporting

You can manage your church operations with confidence and have access to statistics and reports. Review financial documents and gain insight into membership to identify growth issues or bottlenecks that you can fix.

Event management

It can be difficult to plan large events for churches and communities. ChMS software has the ability to help you book, track assets, and make donations. Communication tools allow members to quickly update and notify them of any changes to the program, events, or schedule.

Supervision at check-in

This smart functionality is an advantage in large events and meetings where everyone, even children, must be counted. A check-in system is a great way to prevent lost or missing participation. It ensures that the event is well-organized, people present, and that documentation is current.

Contributions Management

The church’s expansion and upkeep is greatly supported by donations, contributions, and collection. Every dollar that goes into the church’s coffers must be tracked and inspected. Most ChMS have tools that make it easier to monitor donations and produce new collections reports.