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Self Healing – Overcoming Obstacles for Self Love

Self-love. The phrase almost makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn’t he? We all know we should be kind and compassionate toward others. How about loving your self? But, how can you love yourself? Visit our website and learn more about http://yourhighesttruth.com.

It is. This is exactly what the point is. Selfishness can sometimes be very, extremely good. If you are in the middle of a healing crisis, and trying to get back to radiant health and wellbeing, that is one time.

Recently, a regular reader sent me this great question: “How could there be so many of you that don’t embrace the concept of self-love?” I was asked by her to provide some tips on how to make self-love more accessible. Let’s look at some key points.

Understand the subtle distinction between self love and self-absorption. Self-love refers to taking care of yourself just like you would for a loved one. You create a safe, nurturing, and secure environment for you, take care of your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, and surround yourself with people who are supportive of your highest good. When you love yourself, you feel healthy and balanced enough that your light and grace can flow to others around you, spreading joy. Contrast this to self-absorption. It means that your mind is all about you. This is not healthy, balanced or nurturing. And certainly not grace for the guy nextdoor. Let’s not even think about it.
Find out how tiny beings can grow into big ones. You are not …. The developmental psychologist in me is taking over for a while. Brain development in babies is incomplete at birth. Babies can sense when something is really important or traumatic. They are unable to put that event into context. A baby will assume that they are responsible for troubling events, as it will. They are not worthy of the trouble, unloved, dangerous or indifferent. It’s not true! Let this thought feed your soul: God made you. It wasn’t an error.
Be kind to your family of birth and move on. Your parents probably raised you the best they could using the resources available. While it’s natural for children to see their parents’ actions as “all about them”, that is not always the case. Your parents’ actions will reflect on you. It doesn’t matter if your parents are too critical, too busy, too strict, too gentle, or too harsh. Any other child born to you on the same day will most likely find the same situation. Parents’ parenting style is often influenced more by their beliefs and resources than it is the child’s individuality as a person.
Choose how you want to experience your culture. Some cultures use criticism or fear to control the thoughts and spirits of their members. Think about the stories you have heard about fear-based cults. Even though you may not have been raised under such extreme circumstances, you should consider the fact that some fear that was intentionally placed around you had more in common with controlling you than your truth. You are fine. Fear is a way to control others. You can love yourself enough to bring in more support people and to get to safety.