The Future of Jet Packs

We’ve always had practicality in mind when we designed the jet packs for our customers. It’s not just some dream about creating future technology for the sake of it. Instead, we always wanted that our technology would have commonplace use in everyday life situations. For that, the price had to be pushed down too and while we still have quite a way to go, the first models have been a success. That has motivated us to do even better in the future, going down with cost and going up with usefulness.

So what it the future of Jet packs is the question everyone is asking. For us, as just explained, it’s all about what uses can it have in the future. To find out what people would do if they would have a jet pack was surveyed and the results were simply amazing. This gave us a lot of insight and prospects for the future of what we could do with modern technology.

While part of the results remain a bit of a secret for the sake of competition, we do want to share some of it. Slowly, slowly as companies start using our products more and more. There have been some collaborations with companies and even some bigger corporations. But for the future, we can see an increase of use within more or less ordinary users. While not exactly “home use”, we have been finding some very interesting applications to our inventive career.

Hold on tight and get ready for the revolution of jet packs!

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