Water Jet Packs on Sale at AliExpress

While not exactly the Skywalker quality, it has come to our attention that water versions of the popular jet pack design are being sold on AliExpress. This device is becoming increasingly trendy and offering users a more affordable way of lifting oneself to the sky. Obviously they have a few limits, such as the fact that you need to use them on top of the water. But some say that this creates a unique and fun effect for a more playful atmosphere. Perhaps in the future, these jet packs will take over the surfing industry but only time will tell. Of course we have been aware of them for a long time, but never ever before we have seen them for less than 5000USD which is reality thanks to the Chinese AliExpress online store. If you are not familiar with it, I suggest you go and have a look because in terms of direct manufacture sales.. no other website can surpass the vast collection of products available. And even though it’s a Chinese concentrated business, there is no need to worry because you can follow these instructions to access AliExpress in English to make the experience worth it!

Jetpack at AliExpress

Some people already asked us that doesn’t this increase competition with the Skywalker jet packs. Well not at all because our products are made in the US and have a totally different customer base. And any form of “pack-technology” that can bring awareness is always good for all of us that are in the business. It has been evident that the Chinese will be coming strong with their technology and make such affordable solutions. But by the time the cost is down to their standards we won’t be seing anything nearly as competitive. By the time real jet packs that use turbines become a low cost device, you can be sure that we have gone out of business by then and honor to have the next generation take on the task.

But to get deeper into things, we decided to contact some of the AliExpress sellers until we found that speaks English fluently and is easy to deal with. Their product, promoted as “Jetpack – Make you fly more high”, is prived at US $4,500.00 a piece. It’s one of the top selling products of the factory located in Hangzhou, China. With a high quality production line that makes anything from Yachts to PWC. The device itself consists of a Handgrip, comfortable seat, “U” pipe, a 65 feet hose, horse bearing &swivel and a hardware kit. All in all it’s quite a simple device, which is meant to shoot water out of the pipe with such force that it pushes you up to mid-air. The height that can be reached is surprisingly high, at nearly 10 meters above water level. From what we heard from the seller, almost all the buyers are owners of recreational businesses. With only a handful of private owners, so despite the low cost we can expect to see the effects mostly in the final rental price for the moment. Which isn’t that bad at all seeing that it has taken many years to come this far.

We sincerely hope that this article will help to motivate others to develop the technology in a more broad sense, to which water jet packs are just one aspect of the amazing world that awaits. We love technology and to absorb every new development on the way, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice or are willing to share. Collaboration is also not out of the question as we have been doing in the past with the acrobatic show in China. Perhaps there is some kind of an interesting future for us, thanks to Alibaba Group & their awesome AliExpress service. Well, at least if their English is good enough which has been a necessity that is not always present in our experience.

Let’s get to new heights & fly with technology.

Rich Herron | Skywalker Jet Packs

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